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Canada Cuba Sports and Cultural Festivals

We provide joint programs of exploration in the arts, sports and education. Essentially what we do is bring together people who have a curiosity about each other. We are highly experienced in arranging sports and performing arts tours, conferences and events. Cuba is our home and this site is about CUBA. We also work in Canada and throughout Latin America. All enquires are most welcome.

Performing Arts:
In Cuba, you will be able to perform your own repertoire to appreciative audiences in both historic and modern world-class venues. You can choose to join Cuban performers and directors in combined concerts (English and Spanish) or study Afro-Caribbean, Cuban, or Latin American music and song in workshops specifically designed for your requirements. Cuba with Canada Cuba is Good!

Whether you are taking down a local club or a nationally ranked university team we will have an appropriate Cuban team to play against. Or, you may choose to stretch your team’s potential against Cuban clubs of superior skill level. The Results are meaningful competitive matches and quality training sessions.

Interactive and unique!
Our Cuba Sports programmes are designed to provide coaches and athletes with a combination of competition and training in a warm climate and the opportunity to learn about the culture, history and people of Cuba. Participants will meet, train and compete with Cuban student athletes and coaches at Cuban high schools. Additional games will take place at venues arranged by the Cuban Ministries of Sport and Education. Visiting coaches and athletes may also train with Cuban National Program coaches. Competitions are arranged with Cuban athletes of similar skill levels to their visiting counterparts.

An interdisciplinary approach to performing arts:
Learn, Interact, Collaborate, Practice, Rehearse, and perform with your Cuban counterpart in Cuba. Each individual itinerary is designed in consultation with the teacher or artistic director to incorporate specific elements required to meet each groups needs.

Our team of caring professionals is highly experienced in arranging sports, and performing arts tours, conferences and events . We work together with you in planning and delivering every aspect of the trip for your group.

If an out of province music or sports trip is on your mind … I invite you to request the free information package and DVD/video. I know that after you review the material and talk to others who have travelled with us … CUBA will be on your short-list for your next tour.
Jonathan Watts, President


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Find out what music educators, band directors, and music educators are saying…

Our band trip to Cuba was a profound experience touching our very souls. If you are looking for a truly worthwhile experience for your band students…go for it! The people at Canada-Cuba Sports & Cultural Festivals are excellent Terry Hill, Music Educator, Dartmouth, NS

We have gone to Cuba three times with Canada-Cuba Sports & Cultural Festivals. The focus is on interacting with the people and being a part of their culture and customs. This experience is authentic, real and invaluable. You experience music from beginning to end Blaine Workman, Band Director, Winnipeg, MB

What a fantastic trip! It was an honor for us to meet, work and perform with the professional Cuban choirs. Everyone we met made us feel welcome. We have toured extensively in the past, this tour was by far the best organized, and the easiest Martin Waltz, Choir Director, Moncton, NB

Find out what sports directors and coaches are saying…

Terrific experience, this was my 4th trip with a team and the best ever… the Cuban athletes were highly skilled … great attitudes … the coaches were great in running drills and instruction Albino Pereira, Volleyball Coach, St. Catherines, ON

I would do it again in a heartbeat… the Cuban athletes and coaches were competitive, spirited, skilled, friendly and willing to socialize and share…
Dawn Keith, Basketball Coach, Lethbridge, AB

Thank you. We were completely satisfied with all the arrangements. The organization and quality of the activities, events and competitions was first class. A highlight was the opportunity to interact with the Cuban players, coaches and officials. Brian Johnson, Field Hockey Coach, Toronto, ON

Excellent! Students got to train with athletes of their skill level and at the same time learned about Cuban culture, history and people… a once in a lifetime experience… we’ll be back Rick Lopez, Basketball Coach, Vancouver, BC

Canada Cuba Sports and Cultural Festivals facilitates educational and cross cultural programs in Cuba for universities, schools, community/professional organizations, and sports teams of all skill levels.

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