JW at Bodequita del Medio
Jonathan in 1978, years before the founding of Canada Cuba, with his fellow tour employees at the world famous Bodequita del Media; the favourite watering hole of Ernest Hemingway, among others.

Throughout his over thirty-five years of experience in the tourism industry, Canada Cuba Founder Jonathan Watts came to see that something was missing in the many tour packages designed by the companies he worked for early in his career. His responsibility of establishing “typical” Cuba tour packages desired by his employers revealed to him the true richness and depth of Cuba’s art, sport and culture…and that there was a whole other side being overlooked. In light of this he felt a passion to create a unique travel experience, an experience that enlightens and enriches the understanding of travelers’ own interests or pursuits, compelled by engaging the traveller with Cubans holding a common interest. The result: Canada Cuba Sports and Cultural Festivals; a unique educational experience that takes your group on a trip of discovery beyond the beach, beyond the tourist traps, and beyond the museum rope.

Jonathan Watts, today.

A longtime resident of both Canada and Cuba, Jonathan has deep, genuine connections with Cuba’s government and business entities. Further, he has longtime relationships with many of Cuba’s leaders in music, dance and sport. All of this enables him to ensure that the trips offered by Canada Cuba are not only unique but highly coordinated, their details solidly implemented — and are an experience of the highest quality.

Canada Cuba Sports and Cultural Festivals is not a tour operator guided by boardroom committee. “The boots on the ground” for this company are those of the President, himself, working with the excellent team of guides and coordinators that he has assembled both in Canada and Cuba. You are invited to contact Jonathan via email at any time with any questions you may have. Alternatively, we welcome your enquiries by contacting us via email or toll-free at 1-800-818-8840. You can also click this text to request page for our DVD information package, or click this text to see Jonathan’s in-person information session schedule.