Canada Cuba Events

Canada Cuba Events

Each year thousands of visitors come to Cuba to take part in significant international and national events and celebrations. Since 1988 we have been assisting groups and associations with diverse interests to attend and be a part of these festivities. Whether you are a group of afficianados, fans and supporters, musicians, athletes or curious explorers there is an event taking place in Cuba that would compliment your travel plans.
Consider; the ballet season, music festivals, steam train events, sports championships, dog shows, agricultural fairs, mardi gras like carnivales…

Salsa simplyfied: Workshop with your group in Cuba


We have the local staff, support network and expertise to make arrangements in any area of interest or specialty.

Returning to Cuba over and over… “Canada-Cuba has organized our three Educational Programs and Cultural Exchange trips to Cuba. These have been the most worthwhile trips of my career. Good atmosphere, Excellent staff, Warm people, Very good training, Great culture and history. Everything promised was delivered.”
Denis Osborne, Teacher, Ottawa, ON

I’ve done projects in seven other countries and the people of Cuba are the warmest. Participating in the construction project allowed us to know and experience Cuban culture in a natural way. Thanks for arranging for us to stay at the ranch, very rustic and the food and it’s presentation superb. The staff went out of their way… the horseback riding a bonus.”
Gwena Schuck, Program Director, Global Perspectives, Richmond, BC


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