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Almost 25 years of continued service

Cuba is a safe and fascinating country. The arts are a major part of everyday life. Music is everywhere and Cuba’s jazz, folklore and choral traditions are renowned. All in a country that has enjoyed the fusion of African and European heritage for more than 500 years.

Canada Cuba Sports and Cu;tural Festivals represent agencies and institutions of the Cuban Ministries of Culture, Science & the Environment, Sport, and Education. We facilitate programs in Cuba for universities, schools and research/cultural institutions and sports federations located in Canada and the United States.

Since 1989 CCS&CF, working within the framework of US government regulations, has specialized in arranging educational performing arts, sports exchanges and conferences in Cuba for numerous North American institutions.

In January 1999 the President announced his decision to expand people-to-people contact between Americans and Cubans. As a result there has been a significant increase in US government approved cultural exchange with Cuba

we are proud to have been selected to organize a Canadian student performing arts delegation that traveled to Cuba in the spring of 1998to tour a 100% Canadian content show for Cuban audiences prior to Canadian Prime Minster Jean Chretien’s visit there. The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs supported the project and we worked in close coordination with the Canadian Embassy in Havana and the Cuban Ministry of Foreign affairs to ensure maximum success.

In 1992, to provide a more streamlined administration we established an in house travel department. The travel department is managed by Karina Hull and operates as a travel agent and tour operator under the Ontario Travel Industry Act. All payments received for travel arrangements are guaranteed by the Ontario Travel Compensation Fund.

Accommodation: Housing selected for CCS&CF programs is in hotels chosen for their safe and quiet locations. All have a restaurant, snack bar and swimming pool. Students are housed two to a room. Rooms are air-conditioned, have a private en suite bathroom and satellite TV.

Meals: All programs include daily breakfast and dinner. Lunches can be included if requested. A typical breakfast includes fresh fruit, yogurt, and eggs (scrambled or fried), breakfast meat, toast, pastries, juice and café au lait. A typical dinner includes a variety of salads, soup, rice and/or potatoes, boiled vegetables, chicken and/or fish and/or meat, dessert. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated however in the case of life threatening allergies students should bring additional appropriate food to supplement what is locally available.

References: For a first hand report on traveling in Cuba with students please request the up-to-date list of others who have recently returned from CCS&CF programs in Cuba. We also invite you to contact the following people who are also familiar with our organization.

Our North American and Cuban staff look forward to working with your group and welcoming you and your students to Cuba … the friendliest country in Central America and Caribbean.


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