Cuba Conference; anthropology

William Watkins
Professor of Education, University of Illinois, Chicago

I am not an anthropologist, but I certainly have an interest in people and their lives, their culture and their religion, which has been one of the focuses of the conference. It’s indeed been a real learning experience. It was my first time at an anthropology conference, and I’m very pleased and yes, I’ve learned quite a bit. As for Cuba – well, of course, it is important to all the people of the world. I’m impressed with their resiliency and their ability to survive against almost insurmountable odds – the blockade and hostility coming their way from the Unite States and other places. It seems that the whole world is against them and yet they persist and they are attempting to build a society that serves the needs of the people, and provides medical care and education and the necessities of life that none of should have to pay for. So, Cuba is very important to me and I know I’m definitely going back.


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