Cuba Conference: diaspora and history

Sidney Lemelle
History Department, Pomona College, USA

I do Diaspora and history, so this conference fitted right in with the types of things that I teach and I am interested in. My impressions of Cuba – it’s sort of overwhelming – are actually more than I had anticipated in many ways. You can read about a place, but never really understand it until you go there. Not just the place itself, but the people – how they interact, etc. In that respect I wasn’t surprised – I expected [Cubans] to be very friendly – I had hoped it would be a very warm place , and it has been. The people are very friendly, and the communication that I have been able to make with individuals as been very positive overall, it has been a fantastic experience. I have traveled a lot, so for me to say it’s one of the better places I’ve ever been is actually saying something. What this trip has done is deepened my knowledge – of the people, of the culture, of the society, and particularly, of the place and contribution of black people in this society.


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