Cuba with your group for sports camps and competition

Sports Camps and Competition in Cuba

We are your best choice for an unequaled program of training, competition and cross cultural exchange. Whether for Aquatic, Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Soccer, Track & Field, Volleyball, Wrestling, or any other sports, coming to Cuba with your team has many advantages.

Train and Compete with Cuban Teams
Each of our sports programs is custom designed to meet your team’s specific objectives. We have all the major contacts in Cuba from coaches to site managers and sports federation officials. Our Havana staff meet personally to work out the details of your request and are on hand while you are in Cuba to make sure they are carried out.

Learn From Elite Cuban Coaches and Players
Cuban coaches are world renowned. Most have international experience. They are more than willing to share their training techniques with you and your players. Sessions can be easily arranged and are extremely effective in enhancing overall team performance. Coaches often take turns with their Cuban counterparts in leading drill and practices.

Teams Matched to Appropriate Skill Levels
Whether you are taking down a local club side or a nationally ranked university team we will have an appropriate Cuban team to play against. Or, you may choose to stretch your teams potential against Cuban clubs of superior skill level. The Results are meaningful competitive matches and quality training sessions
Cuba has an added attraction for any team going out of country; the chance to become involved first hand in a different culture. This nation of 11 million inhabitants has a rich, multi-faceted culture, drawing upon 500 years of European influence. Add to that a major African influx, and Cuba has a mixture of cultures as interesting as it is diverse.

The Cuban team and coaches were the perfect match for us… slightly above our level which is just what we asked for. Roberto was an excellent coach to work with; knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and very personable. Great balance between sports and cultural activities.
Peter Bolo, Coach, PEI-Canada Games Men’s Volleyball, Charlottetown, PI


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