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Jonathan Watts, President, Canada Cuba Sports and Cultural Festivals on Cuban television series

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Also act on moral convictions
One of the most important supporting role in the series The singing cricket played by a non-professional actor, Canadian Jonathan Watts

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These days, when the space Sunday on the trail , usually reserved for detective plot, the series conveys the song of the cricket , production of studies of the Institute of Police Science of the Ministry of Interior based on a story by renowned writer Leonelo Abello not a few are wondering who plays Mr. Garfield, head of an operation mounted by the CIA against Cuba.

For my work and my long relationship with this country, and I can not say if it’s my first or second home…

The question arises not only impeccable pronunciation of the English language but the poise with which the actor assumes this important role brings to the screen side profile of the character.

“Hey, kid, I did not come from Hollywood or Actor’s Studio. I’m just an amateur that I’ve gotten into big trouble,” he says with criollísima slang and humor Jonathan Watts,a Canadian ruddy, over six feet tall with more than 35 years of knowledge of Cuban reality and two decades of work in the island linked to the tourism sector.

“As a young man-made clear-student roles in comedies. My teachers said I had a theatrical streak. Had it been for them, would have continued studies at an academy of arts. But I decided on economics, specifically the business administration. I never went through my head at the door of becoming older, and understand little words that I do not like too much, act seriously. ”

Property is now in its second performance is on the small screen. His debut was on the show who must live in the same production house, where he played the CIA. David Atlee Phillips, a frustrated glider attack on the leader of the Cuban Revolution and for his ties to accused murderers of John F. Kennedy and the political Orlando Letelier.

“For my work and my long relationship with this country, and I can not say if it’s my first or second home, some friends put me in contact with the crew, which was then in search of someone who spoke fluent English, be captioned as parliament. I did a test and it seems like. ”

“Of course, I put on my part. I’ve always been a voracious reader of intelligence and counterintelligence issues. I remember those days I read Legacy of Ashes by Tim Weiner, Pulitzer Prize-worthy, a very complete analysis of the interference of our neighbors in the internal affairs of half the world. ”

After that experience came this with the song of the cricket .

“Garfield is a fictional character but summarizes many real people. When you read the script, you realize you can not stereotyping and that’s hard for someone who is not a professional actor. Felo director Ruiz with his instructions and trust the author and advisor to the series, all had great patience with me. They are the real protagonists of Garfield work on the screen. ”

Jonathan chairs the Canada Cuba Sports & Culture Festivals, which promotes sports and cultural tourism in the northern nation to the island numerous choral groups and jazz bands have visited Cuba in these exchanges.

“We also understand that I act on ethical convictions. It is a modest way to give back to your country so much he has given me on the spiritual plane.”

Could not conclude this interview without a question. Will he return to acting Jonathan Watts in a series or a Cuban movie?

“If I called, and they seem to fit into a certain character, do it again. Oh, boy, but I would ever make a good role yuma. Is it possible?”


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