Perform with your band in Cuba

Perform, Workshop and Interact in Cuba

Since 1988 we have been developing opportunities in Cuba, for international performance ensembles of all ages and proficiency levels. This ongoing cross cultural project for the Choir, Dance, Instrumental and Others provides a superlative platform from which to perform, interact, share and socialize with your counterparts in Cuba. Coming to Cuba with your ensemble has many advantages.

Perform and Interact With Cuban Counterparts
Whether for band, choir or dance, each journey is custom designed to meet your ensemble’s specific objectives. We have all the major contacts in Cuba from artistic directors, conductors, educators and government officials. Our Havana staff meet personally to work out the details of your request, and are on hand while you are in Cuba to make sure they are carried out.

Exciting Venues and Enthusiastic Audiences
Cuban audiences are renowned for their knowledge and enthusiasm. Whether you are taking down a high school band, a community choir, a professional orchestra or anything in between we will arrange joint concerts in a variety of venues. Selecting from premier colonial and contemporary concert spaces, theatres, top jazz and dance clubs through schools and community centres we ensure the perfect balance.

A Collaborative Learning Experience
We can arrange for your ensemble to participate in workshops and clinics relative to Cuban rhythms, instruments and musical traditions. Prior to your arrivaI we can facilitate joint rehearsals and combined performances

Explore the Cultural Heritage
Cuba has an added attraction. It’s the chance to become involved first hand in a deeply rich and welcoming culture. This nation of 11 million inhabitants have a rich, multi faceted culture, drawing upon 500 years of European influence. Add to that a major African influx, Caribbean and Asian migrations and Cuba has a mixture of cultures as interesting as it is diverse.

Almost from the moment our trip began the kids began playing with a lot more confidence. They learned that when an audience applauds them it means … you really did well today. Things I never say my students do or say I am now seeing.
David Brown, Band Director, St. John’s, NL



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