Cuban choral music is unique!
choirIts roots are drawn predominantly from the heritages of Spanish and African traditions. During the past four decades, Cuba has developed a system of choral education beginning at elementary school and continuing through both junior and senior high school to university. A complementary initiative exists within the Cuban choral movement, jointly nurtured by the Ministry of Education and Cuba’s professional choirs, that has brought together thousands of children singing in cantorias (children’s choirs) throughout the country. As a result of this broad based pyramid style organization Cuba boasts the existence of eighteen professional choirs and hundreds of community, church and children’s choirs.

Cross Cultural Performance Tours in Cuba

Choral encounters in Cuba are specifically designed to provide opportunities for choirs of all ages and ability to perform, workshop, and with their accompanying companions, interact, share and socialize with their counterparts in Cuba. In addition we offer cross-cultural and educational experiences that the ordinary visitor simply can not access. Our staff take care of setting up all aspects of your trip including arranging all performances and activities, transportation, accommodation, meals and local facilitators.

choirComing to Cuba with your choir has many advantages:

  • Perform and Interact With Cuban Choirs
  • Exciting Venues and Enthusiastic Audiences
  • Cuban Music, a Collaborative Learning Experience
  • Explore the Cultural Heritage

To help you decide if a performance tour to Cuba would be right for your choir simply read what other choir directors say about Cuba. At anytime, feel free to request a choir information package. The information package contains a free video, sample itineraries, ball park pricing, list of the services provided… we do just about everything… setting up the performances, workshops and activities, arranging meals, accommodation, transportation, a list of references and more.

The trip for our university choir was very good. Jonathan personally knows many artists, conductors and official Cuban government contacts. You’ll have a good experience with them all—right from the top, as well as an excellent cultural exchange. We were enriched.
Gerald Langner, Director, Greystone Singers, Saskatoon, SK

What a fantastic trip! It was an honor for us to meet, work and perform with the professional Cuban choirs. Everyone we met made us feel welcome. We have toured extensively in the past, this tour was by far the best organized, and the easiest.
Martin Waltz, Director, Neil Michaud Choir, Moncton, NB