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Sending your child abroad can seem a little unnerving — especially if it’s their first time, however, Canada Cuba is fully experienced in conducting safe, supervised tours where your child is well taken care of.

About Cuba

With over 4 million visitors a year  and with tourism being the country’s main economic resource, Cuba’s economy and infrastructure are geared to serve them all. Tourist accommodation has grown impressively in the last few years.  Your children will be staying in properties that feature the usual amenities and have been personally inspected and chosen by CCSCF for their safety, convenience and cost. Your guides stay on site with your group.

Cuba’s health care and educational systems place highly in international comparisons. Length of life, birth survival, and literacy rates rank higher than in the U.S. and basic healthcare is comparable to western European nations. Cuba is a destination country for many people requiring specialized medical treatments.

Cuba also enjoys one of the lowest crimes rates of any travel destination in the world.

The Cuban government makes the support of arts a major priority. This sustaining environment has allowed a wonderful variety of artistic pursuit to flourish at a level of ability not seen in many countries. This is obviously a major draw for groups traveling with Canada Cuba Sports and Cultural Festivals. Far beyond the typical, passive experience of group tours, your child will return home with new insights into their own artistic pursuit and be richer for the experience of interacting with some of the friendliest people there are.

Not only are sports in Cuba a point of national pride, physical fitness is promoted by the government to all its citizens. Again, this sustaining environment has resulted in Cuban teams and trainers being among the best in the world. If a sports team hungers for a good challenge and an open dialogue about training, Cuba is the place to go.

About Canada Cuba Sports and Cultural Festivals

Canada Cuba Sports & Cultural Festivals has over twenty years worth of experience in arranging sports and performing arts tours, conferences and events in Cuba for numerous North American organizations. We represent agencies and institutions of the Cuban Ministries of Culture, Education, Science & the Environment and Sport. We also facilitate programs in Cuba for universities, schools, professional associations and research/cultural institutions and sports federations located in Canada and the United States. Each project is custom designed to meet your group’s requirements, within a framework of guiding principles; link people sharing common interests, project an honest image of each other’s reality and encourage co-operation. Our team of caring and highly experienced professionals will work together with you in planning and delivering every aspect of your custom program to ensure that your trip meets all your expectations.

Our tours offer much more than a tourist beach package. They include all training and games for sports teams, great concerts and workshops for ensembles and choirs, interaction with Cuban counterparts at different venues, participation or entrance fees for cultural activities and tours, all ground transportation in modern air-conditioned motor coach for the whole week, and 24 hr. bilingual guides. We offer cultural and educational experiences that no tourist would be able to access.

For further information including trip requirements and preparation please consult our FAQ page.