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Bringing Home The Complete Experience

Since 1988 we have been providing joint programs of exploration in the arts, sport, and education. Essentially what we do is bring people together who have a curiosity about each other. We are dedicated to bring together people with a common interest, share an honest image of each other’s reality, and encourage and facilitate collaboration.

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Presentations in your Area

Book a presentation or meeting at your school this spring 2018. The President of our company, Jonathan Watts, will be happy to do a parent presentation or just meet with you one on one.

OCT 15 - OCT 19, 2018
OCT 22 - NOV 2, 2018

Please call our toll-free number 1 800-818-8840, or email us at to request a meeting.

Our Personal Info Sessions

Our President, Jonathan Watts, is prepared to answer any questions or make a comprehensive presentation about a Cuba trip to your group. He is available to chat by phone, Skype, or in-person when applicable.

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What Others Say About Their Experience

The knowledge, experience, caring and professionalism of our guide was so appreciated. We enjoyed all our interactions with the Cuban people, especially the students at the school in Cienfuegos. Highlights included out interactions with the Provincial Concert Band, the traditional Cuban music ensemble and music schools. I intend to return for a 5th tour in 3 years.


Peter Wenzek, Band Director, North Burnaby, BC

“The opportunity to be in schools playing and dancing with the Cuban students is always a highlight. Their pure joy and love of music is inspiring. I would recommend school bands come to Bayamo! In four trips this is the nicest, cleanest, friendliest city we’ve visited in Cuba, plus a concert band tradition far stronger than anything we saw in Havana.”

Martin Kennedy, Band Director, Okotoks, AB