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Jul 06

Canadian Students Embrace New and Authentic Experiences in Cuba

Pembina Trails Voices, a choral program based out of Winnipeg, Canada, is committed to providing choir members with the opportunity to grow in their abilities, develop a hard work ethic, and feed a desire to excel and achieve their goals. Offering the chance for members to travel to Cuba to experience the culture and sing with Cuban choirs, is just one way they are accomplishing this.

This experience is going to give our singers license to be open and to sing with enthusiasm. The general life that we have experienced in Cuba, the life of the people, is just influencing the way our singers are singing even today, and I know it’s going to influence us in the future as well.” – David Sawatzky

At Canada Cuba, we firmly believe that Canadians can learn an incredible amount from the Cuban culture and vice versa, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring that Canadian students have the opportunity to experience everything that Cuba has to offer. From performing with Cuban choirs to learning the importance of expressing rhythm, to establishing friendships that will last a lifetime, the Pembina Trails Voices choir were able to make the most of their trip to Cuba and, we are sure, will benefit from this experience for years to come.

New experiences help individuals push boundaries, learn more about themselves, and open their minds to varying viewpoints and ways of life. Members of the Pembina Trails Voices appreciated the authentic experience that they were able to have in Cuba, and enjoyed getting to know the Cuban culture and the incredible people who live there. It is this authentic experience that allows individuals to truly connect and get to know the differences and similarities that exist between the Canadian and Cuban cultures.

If you would like to provide your sports team, choir, band, or performing arts group with an authentic and culturally-rich learning experience, give us a call or send us an email! We have been facilitating educational experiences between Canada and Cuba for more than 25 years, and plan to continue this work for many more. You can count on us.