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Jun 25

Batter up! Baseball Season is in Full Swing

Baseball season is well underway, and fans of the Toronto Blue Jays are cheering on their team as they face opponents from across North America. Canadians cannot wait to see how the Toronto Blue Jays will fare this year, as last season was, unfortunately, one that left a lot to be desired. Despite their rocky footing in the American League, fans are remaining supportive and hoping for the best, as true fans do.

Cuba has produced incredible players over the years, many of which have played for the Toronto Blue Jays. From Lourdes Gurriel Jr. to Kendrys Morales Rodríguez, to Aledmys Díaz Serrano, we have been awed by their skill, knowledge, and passion for the game.

Baseball’s Complex History in Cuba

Baseball, as a professional sport, has had a long and challenging history in Cuba. While it has been a favourite sport of the Cuban people since 1864, when it was first introduced by Cuban students returning from the United States, it wasn’t until 1878 when the first professional game was played. Shortly afterward, the Cuban League was formed. It is no wonder that baseball quickly became a part of Cuba’s national identity.

When we received the chance to introduce Canadian students to Cuba, we knew that we needed to create a program that allowed for those passionate about the sport to experience the enthusiasm and excitement of Cuban players and fans.

Canada Cuba Provides Opportunities

Canada Cuba has been working to provide Canadian students with the opportunity to learn from Cuban athletes who are of similar age and skill level, for several years. We are proud to be an official representative of the Cuban Baseball Federation, which allows us to have access to all levels of facilities, players, officials and coaches in Cuba.

We also have the privilege to facilitate Baseball Canada’s spring training camps in Cuba every year, allowing Canadian athletes to improve their skills, learn from coaches and fellow players, and apply their knowledge and skills towards gaining a spot on Canada’s National League.

Hear From the Students

Watch players and coaches share their experience about this incredible program!

Visit our website to see how Canada Cuba is bringing Canadian and Cuban students together to enhance abilities, experience different cultures, and learn more about a sport that they both love! If you are interested in providing players with further training, education, and the chance to learn more about the Cuban culture, contact us.