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Apr 03

Discovering the Cuban Sound

Music holds a special place in our lives. From listening to songs on the radio to attending concerts, and celebrating important life events with our favourite songs, our daily lives would not be the same if we were unable to express ourselves through music. So when it came to crafting our educational tours, there was no question in sharing the incredible music of Cuba with Canadians.

Cuba is said to be one of the leading influencers of Latin music, as Cuba’s rich history can be heard in the incredible music that has come out of this country since the 1500’s. Evolving to include the cultural sounds of countries around the world, Cuban music has become a unique blend of styles. Salsa, contradanza, rumba, conga; these are just a few of the well-known genres that we identify as a part of the Cuban culture, but there is so much more to be discovered and understood.

Music is so much a part of the Cuban peoples lives that it has become a form of emotional expression. From dancing to singing to creating music with traditional and modern instruments, the rhythm and talent that this all stems from is unparalleled. Canadian students and teachers now have the opportunity to see the passion that the Cuban people have for music, first hand.

Windsor Secondary School Band and Choir from Vancouver is just one of many schools from across the country who has been able to dive into the rich culture and past of Cuban music. During their time in Cuba, students had the opportunity to perform with local musicians and singers, while learning authentic Cuban music and how its distinct sound is made. Students also toured the country and discovered how its history had influenced the Cuban sound. A few of the students and teachers have shared highlights from their time in Cuba, and how it has fuelled their love of music.

As we are passionate about bringing Canadians and Cubans together to learn more about each other’s cultures, we are excited to see young people have such a great time performing together while creating relationships that we hope will last a lifetime!