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Feb 02

Campbell River Children’s Choir Comes to Cuba!

Earlier this year, the Campbell River Children’s Choir traveled to Cuba to experience the Cuban culture and the incredible music that has been developed and fostered within Cuba over the years.

During their stay in Cuba, singers of all ages were able to perform for audiences in breath-taking venues, share their music with Cuban choirs, and improve their skills with talented singers from across the country. Beth Kingston, Assistant Director of the Campbell River Children’s Choir shares that their trip to Cuba was, “The perfect balance of cultural experience and an incredible musical exchange, plus the added bonus of beach time and fun.”

Jennifer Abbot, the Artistic Director for the Campbell River Children’s Choir, chose to take these students on a cultural exchange to Cuba because of the incredible experience that it would offer them. Through working with our team, they were able to focus on helping the students develop their skills and learn the passion and beauty of Cuban music. “All of the planning is done for you and you don’t have to worry about anything, except for the music, and that is huge.”

This group had such an amazing time that we cannot even begin to describe it through a blog. Take a few minutes to watch the video below, and see how this group embraced everything that their trip to Cuba had to offer.